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Work as communications partner for Physio First, an organisation representing self-employed physiotherapists, for its large portfolio of printed and digital publications and collateral throughout a major brand refresh in 2016 and beyond.


Project manage the production and printing of Physio First’s many printed and digital items including its member communications, annual reports, monthly e-newsletter, promotional material for its own conference, personalised members’ certificates and business stationery. This also includes its quarterly journal In Touch, a crucial publication for attracting and retaining members, repositioning its brand and generating revenue. One of Physio First’s major challenges is limited resources, so we provide a cost-effective and efficient solution while ensuring quality and consistent brand messaging across all materials for a greater brand impact.


An efficient and effective solution to managing a number of printed and digital items and ensuring brand consistency, maintaining a collaborative relationship with the client. As a trusted source of knowledge, we also provide comms advice to Physio First, including during their brand refresh.

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