Year 12 pupil

I wanted to do my work experience at Pages Creative as I had discovered it online by finding the website and I have always been interested in working with technology and computers later as a job. I also realised that Pages Creative was very local, so it sounded like just the right place for me.

I gained a lot of experience from Pages Creative as I spent time working in an office and working alongside others in an environment that is based around computers and technology. I also learnt about printing, publishing and using different software. Also, on the days that I went to see the publishing process and the meetings, I feel I gained lots of experience.

My favourite part was developing skills in a range of different software within Microsoft and Adobe. During my week I also used software to create different things, some of which entered the final leaflet that we had been working on.

The workers at Pages Creative were very welcoming to me and this made my time there even better! It also helped me to get experience in a working environment and it really helped me to achieve certain skills that I can now use later on in life.


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