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We support ITV’s Internal Communications department across a variety of creative project work, animations, digital assets and print publications.


ITV were looking for an exciting way to encourage and engage with colleagues to take part in their internal fundraising week for Soccer Aid. ITV are one of the partners that deliver the charity match.


We proposed a two-part strategy: firstly, we came up with the concept and design for a 3D football to be given as a flat plan to colleagues. The aim was for colleagues to race each other to put it together, filming their efforts to raise money for Unicef. The football displayed some of the campaign’s key facts and dates to reinforce ITV’s messaging.

Alongside this, we created a four-page octagon card to signpost the most important information for colleagues and explain how to assemble the ball. By laminating it, we made sure that once assembled, the 3D ball was sturdy enough to be played with. The ball and card were made with stock from a sustainable source certified by the FSC.

We balanced the large amount of information with enough breathing space to make it stand out, following ITV and Soccer Aid’s brand guidelines. We worked with ITV to name the internal campaign “Let’s get this ball rolling”, encouraging colleagues to get involved and have fun.


An exciting, creative, multi-functional project with a colour-rich design that is easy to navigate, showcasing key information and maximising colleague engagement.

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The team at Pages Creative were great to work with, and really delivered on the brief provided. They provided us with a great creative that really helped us engage our colleagues.
Heather Smith
Senior Internal Communications Executive

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