Year 10 pupil

I discovered Pages Creative when searching for a suitable place to do my work experience. It sounded fantastic for someone with my interests as I am taking ICT for my GCSEs and I am very interested in image editing.

The people at Pages Creative were very friendly and welcoming. I learned about creating a promotional video from my own footage, writing briefs and what happens in board meetings. I gained a lot of useful experience that will benefit me greatly in trying to get a job in the future, such as working in an office environment, attending board meetings and working to deadlines. The experience was very useful to me as it will make me stand apart from other candidates.

My favourite part was planning out the video and then developing it further until it was finished. It was very satisfying seeing it take form from just a storyboard to a video on a website.

I learned how to use different programs such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro, which will be useful for a job in image/video editing. I am very thankful to Pages Creative for giving me the opportunity to work here.


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