Charlie N

Year 11 pupil

I found out about Pages Creative through their website, which quickly gave me an understanding of what they do for a living. Being interested in English and art, it was the perfect place for my first work experience.

The working environment was studious, without being bland. There was music in the background, and everyone had a job that they were getting on with. Despite their tight schedule, the team was accommodating and friendly; keen to involve me in meetings and start me on a project of my own. I even had the privilege of making tea and coffee (with varying degrees of success) for members of the team.

There were a lot of steps in building a brand. What was my message? Who was I trying to reach? How should I phrase my writing? What should my font be? All of these were crucial questions that, with the help of those at Pages, I was able to address. I worked on being concise and spent an afternoon brainstorming a logo design. It was a hands-on experience of what’s needed to bring forward and develop an idea.

All in all, it was a week filled with learning. I worked with and learned untold amounts from an extremely experienced and welcoming team, which, along with a newfound taste for tea and coffee, can only help in the future.

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