Charlie S

At Pages Creative, I managed to adapt my ideas and concepts into graphic designs that would function well in the graphics market. I chose a concept and had to develop it into a fully established project.

The team at Pages Creative helped me along the way and gave me advice on my themes and design elements. I finished the project with a quality end product that would suit the marketplace it’s in, while also adapting my skills to new software and working conditions. I interviewed one of the writers and learned a lot about career paths and skills needed to be a writer at Pages Creative.

I enjoyed working and being left to do what I wanted with my projects. It was also very funny with the strange things said around the office, with everyone having a laugh.

I wanted to go to improve my Photoshop expertise and knowledge of the whole Adobe collection. I had lots of fun on the last day drawing each office member in my own style and putting my own twist on some of the team. Overall, I had a great time and would love to go back and develop my projects further.

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