Year 12 pupil

I found out about Pages Creative when I was searching through the internet, hoping to find somewhere to go to for my week of work experience. After reading what other people on work experience had written about the company, I was inspired to enquire about it myself – it sounded like a friendly atmosphere and as though it could prove exactly the kind of experience I had been searching for.

During the week, I got the opportunity to learn about writing headlines and articles, and about writing to word limits. I was able to listen in on an interview (and also some other calls with clients), as well as watching the process of designing some pages for one of the publications being worked on.

My experience was fascinating, from the writing all the way to the design process and even the last few checks before a publication was sent off. Even better was knowing that I would get to come out of it with something that I had worked on myself.

What I’ve experienced has provided me with skills I can use in the future and even with more confidence in my choices for university.

Ellen's page copy

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