“Oh, we probably should have told you we don’t wear suits here…”

After arriving at the office in my usual interview outfit and realising that nobody else was wearing a suit, it was clear that Pages Creative was different to what I was expecting. Contrary to my assumptions that I would be forever making tea, my first day began sitting in on the weekly production meeting, doing practice writing exercises, and proofreading. Making the occasional cup of tea when it was my round was still important, of course.

I applied to Pages Creative to get some experience in publishing after leaving university. Working in a smaller office meant that I was able to get involved in the writing, design and editorial processes. It was a welcoming and friendly place to work and I was immediately made to feel part of the team. I enjoyed shadowing the directors, proofreading live magazines and being challenged by the writing team to produce short and sharp articles. It was also reassuring to watch the graphic designer create pages for print, as I knew very little about the design side of publishing.

The experience has improved my knowledge of publishing, my CV and my confidence in interviews. I’ve also learnt a lot about working in a professional environment, and that it is just as important to show my personality as it is to act professionally, suit or no suit.


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