Year 10 pupil

I wanted to do my year 10 work experience at Pages Creative because I’m very interested in graphic design and I felt, overall, it would improve my key skills, confidence and personal organisation. Also, I am studying ICT for a GCSE so I realised spending a week in an environment based around computers and designers would improve my knowledge for when I went back to school.

Throughout my week I planned and designed my Manchester United classic XI website. I did some research followed by designing and editing the players on software such as Photoshop and InDesign. I collected the components together with help from Julian and Ged and by the end of my five days at Pages Creative I had published my very own website.

One of the highlights of my time was being able to use an Apple Mac computer – before coming in, I had never used one and it was interesting having to learn the basic commands while using very complicated software. I also enjoyed shadowing the employees because it gave me a chance to put my opinion across when they were making crucial decisions and helped me learn more.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time and the experience helped me review my career ideas and relate to a wider range of people. I would encourage anyone to do work experience here as the team are extremely welcoming and it’s a guarantee that you will take something beneficial from the experience.

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