Year 10 pupil

I have always been interested in IT, particularly the creative side of it, so when I came across Pages Creative online while searching for work experience, it was a perfect opportunity. After reading the positive experiences others had when on work experience there, I decided to ask about a placement.

On my first day, I was able to begin straight away, and by the end of the day I had already designed some magazine covers. During the rest of the week, I did various activities in all different aspects of design, such as designing logos, learning how to use Adobe Illustrator and designing the inside of a magazine, which was exciting and helped me develop my creative skills. I also did some equally interesting writing activities such as writing headlines and writing to a word limit. In addition, I got to listen to an audio meeting with a client, which was an interesting insight into the detailed processes behind publishing and creating websites.

The most enjoyable part of my week at Pages Creative was getting to design my own version of a company’s logo, which was exciting and developed not only my design and drawing skills, but my writing and decision-making skills as well.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Pages Creative – it has helped me in my decision of what I want to do for my A-levels and has taught me valuable skills I can use in the future.

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