University student

When I started at Plymouth University, studying English with History, I knew I wanted to do something in journalism or publishing as a career. The thought of reading and writing for a career hugely appealed to me.

I contacted Pages Creative after looking on their website. It’s great that a smaller company offers work experience as it is often difficult to come by. The smaller team also meant I got more of a personalised experience.

Having more of an interest in writing, I worked with their editorial team and was tasked with producing a number of articles for one of their magazines. It was interesting to see the process behind how stories for these types of publications are written. A lot of their clients want people-focused stories which meant I had to work on getting the right angle for each story.

The Pages team gave me the opportunity to practice my writing and work closely with an experienced writer to improve and develop my writing skills. I learnt about the importance of editing out excess information especially for articles that are only 50 words long. Coming from writing 2,500 word essays for university, this was a bit of a challenge.

I attended editorial meetings allowing me to see the process behind how particular magazines came together.

I also helped with some marketing work for the Creative Hub visiting Sandford Park to take photos and write up a Facebook post.

The insight the team has given me has been amazing and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my week here.


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