After graduating from Southampton University, I was unsure where to go next in my career. Having studied History, I was keen to keep up my interest in writing and after some Google searches I came across Pages Creative’s website.

I decided to send an email enquiring about work experience as an opportunity to learn more about what they do. Despite being a smaller company, they were very open and flexible in offering work experience, which can be hard to find.

The office had a relaxed, yet productive atmosphere and the small team were really welcoming and helpful. They tailored my experience to the interests I expressed in my email, so I was able to work with their experienced writer and learn about the style and standard of their published material. I learnt about the importance of editing and making sure the work followed the brief from the clients.

I was also informed about the design and layout process and what it takes to get to the finished product of the magazine. As well as this, I got to sit in on a production meeting, be involved in a telephone interview for an upcoming story and help with a marketing post on their Creative Hub Facebook page.

It was both an informative and enjoyable week with music playing in the background of the office, making sure I was never without a cup of tea while also giving me insight to help me in the next steps of my career.


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