Year 11 pupil

My first day started with introductions to the office staff. Although not all the team was there, I was welcomed by those who were, including Mark Lawrence, Jason Pelta and Lin Shaw.

After introductory niceties, I spent time with Jason Ashworth, a Pages Creative writer. He first gave me a headline-based writing exercise, before letting me sit in and make notes on calls to clients, which was certainly an interesting experience. I left at about 4pm with a good sense of what the company was about, both in terms of work and ethos.

The second and third days were partly a continuation of the first, as I was able to develop the stories I’d made notes on. However, I also saw another aspect of Pages Creative, thanks to freelance worker Ged Lennox’s detailed demonstration of graphic design. I then helped publishing assistant Hannah Gill with the interesting process of proofreading.

Finally, I was helped to put together a magazine-style page with stories and pictures, a task involving writing, photography and graphic design. This activity marked the conclusion of my week. I left on Friday with a very favourable impression of Pages Creative, hoping they’d retained a similar impression of me.

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